Midrub InboxAll is an app for Midrub, which allows you to get messages in real
time from social networks. Midrub InboxAll shows in real time the message
received from social networks and you can easy reply to them.

By default Midrub InboxAll supports Facebook. You can connect all your Facebook
pages in the Midrub InboxAll app. Then you can decide to follow one or more
Facebook Pages for messages and comments. Every time when your post will have a
new comment, you will see for all your Facebook pages in same place. Every time
when you will receive a private message you will see it in same page where you
have comments and you will be able to reply,

By default Midrub InboxAll support Instagram. You can connect all your Instagram
accounts(which are business) and follow them for new comments. Every new comment
will be displayed in the Midrub InboxAll app and you will be able to reply to
your comments. For each comment you will see the username, media(photo, video or
album) and comment. You can reply to the comment with text and emojis.

The Midrub InboxAll app uses the webhooks and for this reason saves in the
database the new messages/comments, next displays them to you. The messages are
reloaded every minute when Midrub is opened in the browser. Is like Midrub
Stream but only for messages and comments.

In the Midrub InboxAll app you have the Settings popup with options to reload
messages every time when you’re getting new messages, comments, reviews or
emails. In short time will be possible even to play an alert sound which will
notify you for new messages, comments, reviews or emails.

The Midrub InboxAll app allows you to add new networks support and the
documentation explains how to do that
You can use
it to get in real time messages, comments, reviews and emails because it’s
structure allows to add support for any kind of text and media data which
someone sends to you. Important is the API availability and webhooks which will
notify the app about new received data.

Like other Midrub’s apps, InboxAll can be enabled only for one plan or more plans
and provide it as SAAS service to your clients. If you already have Midrub and
configured the Instagram and Facebook pages network, the configuration of this
app it’s easy.

The Midrub InboxAll app has a code adapted for the Midrub CMS and it follows all
parameters required for a Midrub app. It has support for Midrub’s api, cron
jobs, ajax requests, hooks, teams, etc.

You can translate this app in several languages and all languages directories are
located in the language directory. If you want to translate it, please follow
the documentation

The hooks located in the directory inc allows you to configure this app in the
admin panel, restrict per plan and restrict per team. You can add there even
other kind of files.

In the controllers directory you will see 2 files: user and ajax. User is to
display the html content to users. Ajax is to process the Ajax Requests.

In the directory helpers you will find all files created to manage better the
code and process only required data. The helpers are based on the controllers
directory’s files.

In the models directory you will find the app’s models which creates the required
tables in the database. I like now to use more the Midrub’s Base Model for
simply SQL queries but for more complex queries i’m using the app’s model.

The directory views contains the views files loaded from from the User’s

In this app i’ve used a new library with font icons which you can find here This library isn’t loaded from app, it is available
in the Midrub User’s Theme, Luna. I’m providing the theme together with the
Midrub Facebook Chatbot app. If you still want to use the Blue Theme, just add
in the header from admin the link to icons.

In the networks directory you will see the networks supported by the InboxAll
app. You can read how to add your networks here