Ads Manager


Midrub is a platform based on CodeIgniter which allows you to have a Social Marketing Tool. At this moments Midrub supports up to 20 social networks and you can use it to schedule posts, read insights and moderate your comments. It supports RSS Feeds and has a planner where you can schedule easy your posts.

Midrub has more apps which adds features in the user panel. In the user panel the Dashboard, Storage and Posts are standalone apps. With these two apps you will receive even as bonus the Inbox app which provides automations for social networks and email services.

Ads Manager is an app for Midrub version which allows you to start a social ads business. You can use this app for SAAS services and your clients will be able to automatize and use in the best way ads on Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

With the Ads Manager app you can create unlimited ad campaigns, ad sets and ads in an easy way. Facebook Pixel is integrated too and you can create Pixel campaigns and select them for any created ads.

The Ads Manager app has an easy to use interface and anyone can create ad campaigns, ad sets and ads in several clicks. You can use this app for SAAS services, by creating original guides and help people to manage their ads like professionals.

Like on Facebook, the Ads Manager app generates preview for all supported platforms and users can see how their ads will be displayed on social networks.

The Ads Manager app allows to publish ads with videos, images, links and text on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.


By default with the Ads Manager app you have 2 automations:

  • Ad Labels – this automation allows to create Ad Labels with Ad Campaigns and Ad Sets. And them automatize the creation of new Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
  • Ad Boosts – this automation allows to boost automatically new created posts based on your preferences.

The Ads Manager app provides advanced insights for created ads and you can generate reports based on time.

To use the Ads Manager you need to have even