Ebay Marketplace


Midrub is a CMS for business. Midrub has the essential features to start a business(plans subscriptions, coupon codes, tickets system, multilanguage support, multilanguage faq system, notification system, affiliates system, advanced api, possibility to add features in dynamic way and more).

You can customize Midrub by adding your wanted features, payments gateways, social networks for posting or signup, create your api’s endpoints in the easiest way you ever seen, create dashboard widgets, admin features, etc.

In the user’s panel each page from the main menu is an app with it’s styles, js, api, hooks, cron job methods and ajax methods. This makes Midrub to be fast, easy to customize and add new features. You can enable apps per plan. For example you can offer special features only for a plan.

Midrub Ebay Marketplace is an app for Midrub which allows to integrate eBay. With Midrub Ebay Marketplace you can easily publish new products in the selected accounts, see orderds in real time, get order details, see your products, expiration time and delete products with one click. You can even easily create new products, select images, select eBay accounts where them will be published and selected social networks where will be published the new created prooducts.

With Midrub Ebay Marketplace you can even generate reports in real time for your orders, users activities and potential buyers. And you can easily export the generated reports in a csv file.