Support Desk Pro


Support Desk is a collection of 6 apps + 1 user’s theme + 1 auth component for the Midrub’s CMS. You can use this collection of apps to provide SAAS services to agents. Agents could sign up based on the selected plan and invite their clients.

Support Desk is the most advanced script available for sale, which allows to provide support and earn money from agents. You could use it to provide support for the your digital work. It has support for Envato and will have by request support with other big marketplaces.

The installation requires several clicks. The bugs are fixed in 1-2 days and the updates can be obtained from the administrator panel.

Support Desk Pro contains 6 apps:


Support Desk Pro contains 1 auth component:

If you still have doubts that Support Desk Pro is not the most advanced support script available for sale, please look at the links below:

About Support Desk:






Credentials for Client:

Test email:

Password: 12345678


Credentials for Agent:

Test email:

Password: 12345678


The demo’s database is restored every 6 hours.


We’re providing support. We can install it and make it work like in our demo.

More details here

Support Desk Pro has two versions: encrypted and open. Both encrypted and open versions have same features. The difference is in the price. The encrypted version costs $30.00 and the open version costs $500.00.

For the encrypted version you need to have enabled the ioncube_loader. As user, you won’t see any difference between these versions.