VK Communities for Midrub


Midrub is a platform based on CodeIgniter which allows you to have a Social Marketing Tool. At this moments Midrub supports up to 20 social networks and you can use it to schedule posts, read insights and moderate your comments. It supports RSS Feeds and has a planner where you can schedule easy your posts.

Posts publishing and RSS publishing is based on single network’s classes. And everywhere where you’re seeing social features in Midrub are based on same network’s classes. The scope of these classes is to generate an user token, save it in the database and for social networks them allows to publish posts(but network’s classes aren’t used only for posting on social networks).

The network’s classes are used for network’s information like icons, colors, name and network’s options. For example in the Accounts Manager networks are displayed based on type for each Midrub’s app. Colors, name and icon is provided by the network’s classes in Accounts Manager. This information is included all in one file.

VK Communities for Midrub version is another network’s class where you can publish new posts, images, videos, links and generate an access token which will be used in all Midrub’s apps where is requested. At this moment this class is supported by the Midrub’s apps Posts, Planner, Stream and by other apps in the future.

In the zip from CodeCanyon you will get another class which uses the user access token generated by the network Vk Communities class. This class allows to add Insights support for Vk Communities in Midrub.

The Insights class for VK Communities allows to get insights for published posts from Midrub. It displays number of views, shares, reposts and comments. At each post you will see comments, you can reply to comments, write new comments and delete published comments. It allows even to get the last 100 posts per community where you can read too published comments, reply and moderate them.