Hi there, Novashock is an independent studio based in Rochester, MN. We only do projects we believe in, projects that create real value. That sound cliche? We don’t just talk the talk; we also walk the walk. We are our best clients. We work on projects and create products that inspire us, simply as that.

“We are Small, but we think big! we combine strategy, design, and engineering to create world-class digital product..”

over 10 years of experience

Creativity at NovashocK

Discussing, and understanding the client goals help us in establishing a roadmap the leads to the identified Installations. Working with our client, we formulate the customer unique business case and determines parameters that will help the customer attain success.

Today, brands have to adapt to consumers increasingly fickle and irreverent. Marketing as we knew it is worth in itself. We are always one step ahead and know the best way to communicate, on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+.

Novashock Brands

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