We Help Small and Medium Businesses Disrupt Global Giants

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We combine our creative genius, marketing acumen, and unrivaled expertise in bleeding-edge technologies to fuel your rapid growth.

Unleashing Your Brand’s Potential

Responsive & User-Friendly Websites

Fast & Intuitive Mobile Experiences

Cloud-Driven Innovation Strategy


Novashock Service

We Help Small and Medium Businesses Disrupt Global Giants

Unleashing Your Brand’s Potential

We create a unique and iconic brand that helps you cut through the noise and make maximum impact on your target

Fast & Intuitive Mobile Experiences

We craft fluid-smooth, beautiful apps that deliver personalized experiences that make your users fall in love with your brand.

Cloud-Driven Innovation Strategy

We integrate your business with a cloud-driven strategy to turn you into an agile, efficient, customer-friendly and innovative business

From Strategy to technology

What We Offer

We Turn Dreams Into Realities. Bring Us Your Biggest Dreams!


Create a Compelling Brand Story

Our clients usually choose us for two reasons – either they are launching a new brand, or their competition is winning. As specialists in identity transformations, we don’t just give your brand a facelift. We weave an inspiring, impactful, and captivating brand story that invariably gravitates your target audience towards you.

An accomplished team of graphic designers and marketing experts deep dive into your audience’s purchase behavior, preferences, and aspirations to create a compelling brand story that survives the test of time, fads, and changing trends. With our help, you become irresistible to your target segment.

Our branding services offer the following:

  • Logos, identity, and brand language
  • Marketing collateral
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Graphics, videos, and infographics

Enthrall Your Audience With Inventive Websites

A beautiful, functional website should be your first stop when creating a unique brand. We’ll create a web experience that is fully tailored to your audience’s needs and attuned to your brand strategy. Our high-performance, innovative, and user-centric websites reinforce your brand’s values and deliver memorable experiences to your users.

We’ll purposefully build a fully customized website that is designed from the ground up to deliver an unmatched user experience. Our proprietary web design and development process pushes the boundaries of creative design and technology. The result is a digital experience that is highly optimized to establish strong brand-consumer connections and build loyalty in your users.

We work with the following technologies:

  • PHP – Laravel
  • Python – Django
  • Java
  • C# – .NET Core
  • Javascript – NodeJs, ExpressJs, VueJs, ReactJS



Delight Your Users With Immersive Mobile Apps

Immersive and delightful mobile apps are the surest way to find a permanent home for your brand in your user’s smartphone, and therefore, in their mind space. Robust and user-centric mobile apps increase your brand’s desirability and fuel your rapid growth. Our agile development approach accelerates your idea-to-market journey and helps you dominate the competition before they even get an opportunity to respond. 

The highly personalized mobile experiences that we craft will leave your users infatuated with your brand. Every code, every design, and every screen of the mobile apps we build have a singular purpose of converting your users into your brand advocates.

We build mobile apps in the following technologies:

  • ReactNative
  • Ionic Framework
  • Fluster

Supercharge Your Digital Strategy With Cloud

Our cloud migration, development, and management services eliminate backend hardware management that’s eating into your IT budget and transform your business into an agile, flexible, and scalable force. Deliver faster, unhindered, and superior digital experiences to your users by leveraging the cloud platform.

Our services are uniquely geared to help you harness the full potential of the cloud platform. In addition to typical cloud benefits like multiple data redundancies, smooth scaling, and high security, we bring continuous integration, continuous deployment, and infrastructure automation. Leap into the blazing fast world of cloud-first digital strategy with Novashock.

We offer cloud services on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Microsoft Azure


Business success in the digital era is driven by continuous, rapid, and surgical innovation. Businesses must find a way to consistently exceed customer expectations while maintaining the familiarity and reliability offered by their brand values.
vision & Mission

Innovation Power House

To unleash explosive growth for our clients by creating disruptive technology solutions that give them a decisive competitive advantage in the war for consumers.

To emerge as the global leader in digital technology-driven innovation.

We follow an ROI focused approach. Every aspect of our products and services is purpose-built to deliver increasing and sustainable value to our clients’ investments. Our distinctive short-cycle approach delivers measurable and compounding results for our customers in the short, medium, and long terms.

We are flexible and customize our solutions to suit our clients’ needs but are uncompromising when it comes to delivering the results.

Our strong sense of “team success” turns every new customer into a team member. As a team, we are invested in their success and growth.