Vip style for CRM Chatbot


CRM Chatbot is an app which allows to sell chats for websites as SAAS. Its chats contains both AI mode and manual mode. You could create templates and auto reply to the visitors messages, you could provide support in real time and it has triggers for actions on your website(you could show messages in the chat based on what is doing a visitor on a website).

The CRM Chatbot app allows to collect the visitors information and it has GDRP support. The chat could be customized as you need. Moreover, the chat has a directory with styles which allows to get a custom design for a website’s chat.

By default the CRM Chatbot app provides a free style which could be used to display the chat. But you could create your own style like the Vip style which is paid.

Vip style has support for GDRP, user’s form, detects when the agent is typing a message and has an original design which could be seen in the video below.

Vip style allows you to sell as SAAS a new design for the CRM Chatbot app’s chat. Your clients will have an additional design to select for their chat.