Amazon S3 Uploader


Amazon S3 Uploader is a plugin which allows to store the files on the Amazon S3 server. By installing this plugin, will be added a new storage’s location in the administrator panel and will be possible to change the default storage’s location.

When is enabled the Amazon S3 storage’s location, all users files will be uploaded directly in one Amazon S3 bucket. The files will have as url the Amazon S3 url and the files will be possible to share on the social networks.

The files will be uploaded on Amazon S3 storage’s location and when the user deletes the files from his accounts, the files are deleted even from the Amazon S3 storage. The files are deleted even from the Amazon S3 even when the user’s account is deleted.

This plugin has a simply and easy to use interface. The configuration is easy.



This plugin has automatic updates support and you will be able to update it.

This is an open source item and the refund is not supported for this item.

Amazon S3 Uploader allows to upload the files directly in your Amazon S3 storage or Wasabi storage.