Translator Plugin is a plugin which allows you to translate all features in multiple languages. You could create new languages, delete them and translate the words directly from the administrator panel.

The plugin is easy to use. A new language could be created with two clicks and all files from the default language will be copied to the new created language. Next you could translate them.

To delete a language, you have to click on the Delete button and confirm this action. The confirmation popup prevents you to do a mistake. The default language selected in the config.php file can’t be deleted.

An important feature in the Translator plugin is rewrite which allowing to edit the words without losing the changes after update. If you don’t like some words which i’ve added in any component, app, theme or plugin, you could edit it with a click.

This plugin allows you to translate any plugin, app, component or theme installed after the language creation.



This plugin has automatic updates support and you will be able to update it.

This is an open source item and the refund is not supported for this item.

To use this plugin, you need to have the Midrub Version +