CRM Chatbot for Instagram


CRM Chatbot for Instagram is an app for the Midrub CMS version’t work in the previous versions), which provides automations features for Instagram Direct Messages.

About CRM Chatbot for Instagram

CRM Chatbot for Instagram is a useful tool for social marketing. This app provides several features to automatize the quick replies, collect the users interests for your business, collect the email addresses, collect phone numbers, work with a team which has restrictions on usage based on their role, provide real time support, etc.

Templates Builder

With the templates builder tool you could create your own templates with several clicks. You could decide how the templates will be showed in the Direct Messages and control the clicks on the buttons. This tool has professional design and will help your business to inspire confidence in your services.

Available templates:
  • Image – image with one button(optionally).
  • Video – video with one button(optionally).
  • Buttons – allows to create a list with buttons.
  • Product – allows to use the products from your Facebook Page Shop.

Quick Replies

The quick replies are used to provide a quick response based on the user’s message. You could create a list with keywords and if them are present in a message, the quick reply will provide the response. You could select even the accuracy for the keywords. As response you could enter a text message or you could select a created template. The categories allows you to group the quick replies to be used only for some Instagram Accounts. You have even the CSV import feature to import quick replies from a CSV file.

Phone Numbers and Emails

Every time when a user uses a long number or email address in a message, both phone number and email will be saved in a separate list. You could export the saved emails addresses and phone numbers in a CSV file. You are able to see even the conversation from where was collected a phone number or email address.


The conversations in the CRM Chatbot for Instagram app means the list with received messages and replies to the received messages. The messages aren’t loaded in real time from Instagram. This app just collects messages and shows them in the Conversations page. The conversations could be saved as Favorite or as Important.

The main features for the conversations:

  • Shows all sent/received messages.
  • The agent is able to send new messages and use emojis or media files(the error messages are returned directly from Instagram why a message wasn’t sent).
  • You could see the basic user’s information, user’s categories and page’s information.
  • The team’s owner or the team’s member with access to an Instagram account in the Conversations page is able to invite other team’s members which have access to the Instagram account conversations(the team’s owner decides this).
  • The agent is able to enable the bot’s pause for each conversation to provide real time support.

This app provides the best way to manage the conversations. Immagine you have a million of Instagram accounts, on Instagram is hard to see messages in all of these pages. This app shows the last updated pages in real time. You just have to access the page and see in real time when a conversation is updated(received a message).


The Overview page shows the number of bot’s messages sent by day in the last 30 days. It shows even the most popular categories, assigned to the users messages. And you could see even the number of manual messages sent by team’s members in the last 30 days.


Shows any activity in the app. For example an agent has replied to a message, created a bot, created a quick reply, deleted a page, phone number, etc. All actions are saved.

Role Permissions

The role’s permissions contains a large numbers of options to decide how a team’s member will use your app.

Automations in the Automations Center

The CRM Chatbot for Instagram app has one app for the CRM Automations app. It follows when the CRM Chatbot for Instagram app has new conversations and you could run any action with the received data.

Dashboard Widgets

The CRM Chatbot for Instagram app has even a widget which shows the last created conversations. It shows for team’s members only conversations where the team’s members have Instagram account access.

Dashboard Search

By enabling this app you will have a search option in the CRM Dashboard app which allows you to search for conversations.


To use this app you need to have these Instagram Permissions: catalog_management, pages_show_list, instagram_basic, instagram_manage_messages, pages_messaging and pages_manage_metadata.


You will receive automatic updates for this app.


If you need support, you could get it here

Midrub CMS version, PHP 7.3 or 7.4 and IonCube php extension.

Instagram Permissions: catalog_management, pages_show_list, instagram_basic, instagram_manage_messages, pages_messaging and pages_manage_metadata.

Configuration’s Documentation:

Usage’s Documentation: