CRM Chatbot for Telegram


CRM Chatbot for Telegram is an app for the Midrub CMS version +. It can’t be installed in WordPress or used anywhere else without the Midrub CMS version +.

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The CRM Chatbot for Telegram app is the most complete solution to work with the Telegram Groups. It provides tool to manage the Telegram Groups messages in both manual and automatic ways. If you have a team, this app provides the essential tools to work with the team and keep control about anything they’re doing in the app.

This app could be sold as SAAS service and and it has multiple limits for the users plans.

The CRM Chatbot for Telegram app has a lot of features and below you could see all of them, grouped by sections:


Quick Menu

The quick menu in Telegram Groups is a menu which provides quick access to the important information which the groups owners are wishing to present to the subscribers. With the CRM Chatbot for Telegram app the groups owners are able to create, edit and delete the quick menu for their Telegram Groups. The advantages is even in the Bots feature where users could create messages with buttons and media files to be used in the Quick Menu.


A bot in the CRM Chatbot for Telegram app is a scenario with actions which the Telegram Groups subscribers could follow to get the interested information. The scenarios should be created by the users and the scenarios could contain buttons, images, videos, slideshows and plan text. There are available 5 elements by default to create the bots.

An important advantage in this app is even the Preview feature which allows to test the scenarios directly in the app.


Quick Replies

The quick replies are automatic responses which could be used with the received messages. in In the CRM Chatbot for Telegram app the quick replies have a condition, accuracy, response and categories to group the quick replies. The quick replies are selected based on the best accuracy with the received messages content.

A quick reply could have as response a plan text or a bot. The category is essential to make it work. The categories are showing to the Telegram Groups which quick replies should be used. For this reason is important even to select the categories in the Telegram Groups.

The quick replies could be imported or exported from a CSV file.



When a subscriber sends a message in a connected Telegram Group connected in the CRM Chatbot for Telegram app, that message is saved automatically and displayed in real time in the Conversations page. Then, the user or its team could reply to the received message.

The user of its team could reply with plain text, links, emojis, images and videos.



Categories in the CRM Chatbot for Telegram app are used for three reasons:

To group the quick replies.

To show to the Telegram Groups which quick replies should be used.
To understand the subscribers interests. When a subscriber gets an automatic reply, a the quick reply categories are assigned to the subscriber and the user could see which are the subscriber’s interests. The subscriber saved in the CRM Chatbot for Telegram app is called Guest.

Phone Numbers

The CRM Chatbot for Telegram app saves automatically any number longer than 5 characters from the received messages. The number is saved as phone number and it could be seen in the Phone Numbers page. The numbers could be exported in a CSV file.


Email Addresses

The CRM Chatbot for Telegram app is able to identify automatically the emails in the received messages and saves them in the database. Next, the email addresses are displayed in the Email Addresses page and could be exported in a CSV file.



In the Overview page the team’s owner could see the app’s activity. Other team’s members can’t access this page.

The information could be filtered by a time interval and by Team Groups.

The Overview page contains 4 widgets:

Guests – shows how many people have contacted you by day.
Total – shows total number of received messages, automatic messages sent and achieved guests.
Categories – shows the number of times when a category was assigned. This widget displays all categories ordered by assigned times in descending order.
Agents – shows all agents and the number of sent messages. The agents are displayed in descending order.


This app is created to provide professional services. For this reason, all activities done by the team’s members are registered and the team’s owner could see what are doing his agents.



In the Guests page are showed all subscribers which have contacted us. In the guest’s page is possible to see the assigned categories, basic information like name and all sent messages.

The guests could be exported in a CSV file where will be the guest’s name, email addresses, phone numbers and assigned categories.



For the CRM Dashboard page, this app provides a widget with the last 10 conversations. For team’s owners are showed all conversations. But for team’s members shows only the conversations of the Team Groups where them have access by role.

For the CRM Dashboard page, this app provides a search filter to search for conversations. Same rules works for team’s members by role like for the widget.



The CRM Chatbot for Telegram provides a lot of permissions to control the team’s members actions in the app.



The team’s owner could get notifications about new created conversations and about errors. The notifications are a popup displayed on all pages until the user will close it or will access the conversation’s page.


Plan’s Limits

The administrator could decide how many automatic messages will be sent by plan. Moreover, the administrator could decide how many Telegram Groups could be connected in the app.


Plan’s Usage

In real time the team’s owner could see how many automatic were sent and how many Telegram Groups where connected. This data is displayed in the CRM Settings app -> Plan Usage page.



This app uses the Midrub CMS cache and for reason it loads faster.



When the categories, groups or Telegram Groups are deleted, the hooks are deleting all records of the deleted information. When a user deletes its account, the hooks are deleting all data and even unsubscribing from our bot all Telegram Groups.

Midrub CMS version, PHP 7.3 or 7.4 and IonCube php extension.

Facebook & Instagram Permissions:  pages_show_list, instagram_basic, instagram_manage_comments and instagram_manage_insights.

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