CRM Commenter for Facebook


CRM Commenter for Facebook is an app for the Midrub CMS version + and was developed for the CRM collection with apps. This app could sold as SAAS service and has team’s support.

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About CRM Commenter for Facebook

With the CRM Commenter for Facebook app is possible to manage the Facebook’s comments from all connected Facebook Pages. It provides both automatic and manual ways to reply to the received comments. The phone numbers and emails addresses from the comments are automatically stored in a separate list and could be exported in a CSV file.

By team’s role is possible to decide what will be able to do a team’s member. Moreover, is possible even to decide the comments from which Facebook Pages will be able to see and reply a team’s role members.


Quick Replies

The quick replies are used to provide automatic replies. Is possible to create conditions for quick replies by using multiple keywords and select the accuracy for keywords match. The quick reply could be plan text with links and emojis.

The quick replies could have categories and the categories helps to understand the users interests. For example we have the category Samsung TV, each time when the quick reply will be used to reply, the user which receives it will get the category Samsung TV. In the guest’s page will be possible to see that user is interested in Samsung TV. Moreover, the assigned categories are showed in the Overview page and is possible to see how many times was assigned a category in the interested time interval.

The quick replies could be imported from a CSV file.


Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

If a user creates a comment with a number longer than 6 characters, the number will be saved as phone number and could be exported in a CSV file. Moreover, if a comment contains an email address, it will be saved in a separate list. The email addresses could be exported in a CSV file.



The guests are the Facebook Users which are commenting the Facebook Pages posts. In the guest’s page is possible to see all posts where the guest has left a comment. In same guest’s page is possible to see even the assigned categories and understand the guests interests.

The guests could be exported in a CSV file. Will be exported all their used phone numbers and emails addresses. Moreover, will be exported in same CSV even the guest’s categories.



In the Posts page is possible to see in real time the posts which have new comments. The Status Active means the post have comments in the last hour. By clicking on a post, will be displayed the post’s contents and comments. Is possible to reply to the received comments and attach media files to the comments.

In the post’s page is possible to see in real time how the comments are comming, and we could reply without reload the page. We could disable the new comments for a post and disable the automatic replies for a post.

If a team’s agent needs help, he could invite another team’s member which have access to the Facebook Page. By team’s role is possible to decide who will see a comment, reply or delete a comment.

In the post’s page is showed even the insights for the post.



Any team’s member actions done in the CRM Commenter for Facebook app is saved and only the team’s administrator could see all actions in the Activities page.


Plan’s Limits

By plan is possible to decide who will be able to access this app, how many Facebook Pages will be able to connect and how many automatic replies will be sent per month.



To use this app, the Facebook permissions pages_messaging, pages_manage_metadata, pages_manage_engagement, read_insights, pages_read_engagement and pages_show_list are Required.

Midrub CMS version, PHP 7.3 or 7.4 and IonCube php extension.

Facebook Permissions:  pages_show_list, pages_messaging and pages_manage_metadata, pages_read_user_content, pages_manage_engagement, read_insights and pages_read_engagement.

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